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Enology Notes 2008

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Enology Notes from 2008 (number 138 onwards) Note: the links below take you to a different page:

    1. The Wines of Provence Study Tour, a Review
    2. Sustainability Issues in Winery Layout and Design program, March 7, 2008
    3. Energy Use and the Wine Industry
    4. Solar Energy
    1. The Oregon Wine Industry Research and Extension Funding Plan, Chill Cells, Cold Soaking
    2. Use of an Electronic Nose for Maturity Evaluation, continued
    3. Management of Sulfur-Like Off Odors in Wine, a HACCP Plan
    1. Electronic Nose Research Update, Continued
    2. Effects of Clusters per Shoot and Cold Soak on Grape and Wine Volatile Compounds
    3. Sustainable Winery Layout and Design, Meeting Review
    4. Winery Planning and Design CD, Edition 14 Available
    5. New On-Line Publications
    6. Virginia Tech Wine Weekend
    7. In Remembrance
    1. Sustainable Winery Expansion - Conducting an Energy and Water Use Audit - BEST-Winery Spreadsheet Program - Sustainable Winery Expansion Considerations
    2. Fermentable Nitrogen, A Review of the 2007 Season
    3. New On-Line Publications: Oxidation Sensory Screen - Hydrogen Sulfide/Mercaptan Sensory Screen
    1. Pre-Harvest and Harvest Fermentable Nitrogen Analysis (continued)
    2. Effects of Training Systems on Viognier Fruit and Wine Composition: Sensory evaluation of Viognier wines, Electronic nose evaluation of Viognier from different training systems, Summary of Viognier research results
    3. HACCP Planning and the 2008 Harvest: HACCP planning and fruit ripeness indicators, HACCP planning and wine processing
    4. Red Wine Maceration Considerations
    5. Délestage Publication Online
    1. Enology Notes Indexing
    2. Measuring YAN, NH3 and Arginine, Measuring YAN at the Winery
    3. New VT Enology Service Lab Offering
    4. Asynchronous Ripening, Berry Ripening
    5. New On-Line Publications: Electronic Nose Evaluation of Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Maturity, Electronic Nose Discrimination of Wines Produced from Ethanol Sprayed Vines, Sulfur-Like Off Odors, A Winemaker HACCP Plan
    6. Herbaceous Character in Red Wines – A Review: Viticultural Factors Influencing Herbaceousness, Processing Factors Influencing Herbaceousness, Wine Oxygenation and Methoxypyrazines
    7. Student Paper Award
    8. Winery Planning and Design, Edition 14, Available
    1. Wine Longevity and Aroma/Flavor: Wine oxidation, Ascorbic acid, Metals and wine oxidation
    2. Glutathione and Wine Longevity: Fermentation adjuncts and glutathione
    3. Timing of MLF
    4. New Virginia Tech Enology Service Lab Offering: Sanitation Monitoring
    1. Winery Sustainability Program Online
    2. Wine and Juice Analysis Short Course
    3. Winery Planning, Design, and Expansion Workshop
    1. White Wine Integration
    2. Macromolecules – Mannoproteins
    3. Winery Sustainability Program Online
    4. Winery Planning, Design, and Expansion Workshop
    5. Winery Establishment Conference, 2009