Enology Notes

Enology Notes # 18 April 26, 2001

To: Virginia Vintners

From: Bruce Zoecklein

Subject: Wineries Requesting Viticulture and Enology Interns

Each year at this time I select Virginia Tech students that have qualified for our internship program. I have asked those with an interest in viticulture, enology or both to provide me with a written letter of intent, a resume, collegiate transcripts and three letters of recommendation. Students are selected on a competitive basis for internships in viticulture, which run from mid May to mid August, or in enology, which run from mid August to mid November. Students must be at least in their third year of study, most are either seniors or will graduate in May.
Each qualified student is provided with a list of three or more wineries which have requested an intern. I have asked that students to contact producers directly and establish appointments. If a student is interested in working at your winery/vineyard you will be contacted within a week. I will communicate with the selected wineries to provide the necessary background on each candidate.
If you did not respond to my initial notice and desire to be considered for either an enology or viticulture students you should contact me ASAP.
Details regarding our internship program were provided in Enology Notes # 15 which is posted on my web address at www.fst.vt.edu/zoecklein/index.html. Click on Enology Notes.